Plastic Wonder horses – an icon of childhoods past – age together in a farmer’s field. No one knows how they got there. One by one, they have simply appeared! The rocking horses shake in the fall winds; their springs rust in the rains and snow. As the rocking horses slowly return to the earth, they are a metaphor for graceful acceptance of the beauty and pathos of life’s last chapter.


Mike Wright is a sculptor working in the rich tradition of scavengers on the tip of Cape Cod. She finds unusual pieces of painted wood in a dumpster outside Sea Barn, the former home and studio of the abstract expressionist painter Robert Motherwell.


LASTING WORDS, a collaboration with author Claire Willis, invites people facing life-threatening illness to close their lives with intention.
In this video trailer, Willis asks us to consider using our clearest words to share our wisdom and blessings, to say “thank you” and “I am sorry” and to say good-bye. LASTING WORDS is a book for patients, their families, healthcare providers, and clergy, and for all of us – who are living and dying at the same time.

Documentary video and multimedia offer unlimited possibilities — shooting HD video with small rigs, mixing still images, movement, and audio to tell stories that entertain, inform, and sometimes
call us to action.
I favor lean, short-form docs – from two to 15 minutes in length.