Inside Motherwell’s Dumpster

27 Mar 2014

We have just finished a 10-minute doc entitled  INSIDE MOTHERWELL’S DUMPSTER featuring Provincetown sculptor Mike Wright. It’s a spirited collaboration that began in a chance meeting last fall at Provincetown Art Association when Mike mentioned she was thinking about filming her creative process using a tiny GoPro camera strapped to her head.  That got my attention!

Mike places herself in the rich tradition of Moon Cussers – Cape Cod pirates who on dark nights used lanterns to lure ships onto the shoals.   Mike’s treasure is found painted wood – layers of Provincetown’s history as an art colony and fishing port.

I love the funky aerial point of view from Mike’s camera. I also love some of the intimate audio, inspired by Radio Diaries.  After showing Mike how to record sound, I would suggest topics to explore.  Mike would then go solo – sitting in her studio, microphone in hand, reflecting on her creative process and this latest sculpture created with wood found in the late Robert Motherwell’s dumpster.