13 Oct 2015

For the past few years, I have lived and worked in a hybrid world of still photographs and short documentary films – much of the time made here on the Outer Cape.

This spring – while in between ideas for a new film -- I was surprised to find myself returning to still photographs, but beginning to work in a new way:  in multiple images that together create a panorama of sorts. 

At first, while photographing landscapes in New Mexico, it was the sheer beauty of multiple images that drew me in.  

Now, it’s something more. I am drawn to ways that multiple still images are akin to film (only you get to work more slowly).  Like film, you can choose more than one point of view, work with different moments, make fluid connections among the images, or edgier jump cuts. With multiple images, you direct the viewer’s attention – Look at this!  Hey, look over here and notice this detail!  Isn’t this the way we see and explore?   

And just possibly, with multiple images, you can tell stories.  I say possibly, because I believe that still photos, even in combination, are not inherently narrative in nature.  Does juxtaposing different images change or create new meaning?  Surely, it does.  Is there tension?  There can be.  Is that enough to tell a story (without adding words, voice, or other context)?  I am exploring!