Sonic IDs

Sonic IDs are very, very short stories that pop up unexpectedly during the programming day at a local radio station on Cape Cod.  These are the voices of neighbors, the sounds of this particular place. Just 30 seconds, or perhaps a minute in length.

Sonics make you chuckle, or occasionally cry. They delight, charm, and surprise. They start with mystery and turn your head. Sonics go somewhere. The beginning matters, but it is the destination that delivers.

These sonic IDS were all produced for the Cape and Islands NPR station, WCAI, Woods Hole, MA.

Truro Metal Picker

Lillian Steele tells about burying her father's ashes in the Truro landfill.

Lighting the Provincetown Monument

At the annual lighting of the Pilgrim monument, the director tells the story of the Mayflower Compact and the 300 foot granite tower. The crowd counts down to the moment the switch is thrown and the monument is lit.

Texas Oyster Eater

A Texas tourist describes the joy of of eating a Cape Cod oyster.

The Charm of Computers at the Wellfleet Public Library

The computers at The Wellfleet Public Library have a charm of their own.

A Parakeet Waits for the Ferry

A traveller tells everything about her beloved parakeet companion.   

A Wellfleet Oyster Grower Has Her Pets

A Wellfleet Oyster grower, Barbara Austin, admits to having pet oysters and clams.

Funeral Director

Funeral director Katy Randoph has learned life lessons on the job.

Joe the Stringer

Tennis pro and coach Joe Abbott tells what's needed to string a racquet right.

Before You Strum Your Ukulele

Kids in a beginning ukulele class share what you need to know.