13 Oct 2015
For the past few years, I have lived and worked in a hybrid world of still photographs and short documentary films – much of the time made here on the Outer Cape. This spring – while in between ideas for a new film -- I was surprised to find myself returning to still photographs, but beginning to work in a new way: in multiple images that together create a panorama of sorts.


12 Oct 2015
ROCKERS, a short doc film, screened this summer at Woods Hole International Film Festival. The editor is Shane Hofeldt. The original score is by David Guerette, Neil Dean and Kyle Oppenheimer. Read more for video link.

Remembering Artist Joyce Johnson

28 Apr 2014
I learned this morning that my friend Joyce Johnson died last week. She was 84. This is a favorite photograph – taken during an excursion out on the dunes several years ago. Accompanying Joyce on a trip to the dune shacks was truly one of the adventures I treasure the most. I would hang on tight, as she put her foot to the metal to keep us moving up a big dune.

Inside Motherwell’s Dumpster

27 Mar 2014
We have just finished a 10-minute doc entitled INSIDE MOTHERWELL’S DUMPSTER featuring Provincetown sculptor Mike Wright. It’s a spirited collaboration that began in a chance meeting last fall at Provincetown Art Association when Mike mentioned she was thinking about filming her creative process using a tiny GoPro camera strapped to her head. That got my attention!

By The Waters

20 Sep 2012
This fall, By The Waters – a 40 minute documentary about growing up and growing Wellfleet oysters – is screening for an outer Cape audience in Wellfleet. The film is a collaboration with editor, Shane Hofeldt.